Flying Angel SD-Sized Outfit

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A traditional Korean shaman’s outfit, made of Korean Silk and designed by Jiwon Yoon of Lab.

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Korea’s shamanic tradition combines elements of Confuciansim, Buddhism, and Taoism. The role of a shaman (usually a woman) is to act as an intermediary between humans and spirits or gods.

Designed by Jiwon Yoon of Lab ( in Korea, this five-piece outfit is based on a traditional Korean shaman’s garb and is made of Korean silk. The long sleeves of the costume symbolize wings, while the use of translucent fabrics creates the effect of clouds in the sky.

The outfit is designed to fit well on most 58cm (22.75 inch) ball-jointed dolls. The model in the pictures is Harmony Girl by Little Monica (

Her measurements are as follows:
Height : about 58cm
Head circumference : about 22.5cm
Length of the lower part of the body : about 33.5cm (Leg part)
Neck circumference : about 9cm
Shoulder width : about 12.5cm
Arm length : about 22.7cm
Big chest circumference : about 25cm
Small chest circumference : about 22.5cm
Waist circumference : about 17.3cm
Hips circumference : about 25.5cm
Thigh circumference : about 14.5cm
Foot length : about 6.5cm
Heal foot length : about 7.2cm
Length of heel leg parts : about 21cm

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